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IOROI is a Japanese urban/contemporary artist based in Netherlands.

She produces a work that incorporate words. The theme of her expression is to throw queries directly as a visual message to human behavior or mind what we ignore though we should face in our daily life. It is a bit ironic but important element in her work to use the words to provoke connecting with something beyond words. 

She believes that words are human beings themselves. Words have the power and the possibility to let us become better human and to find better life.

IOROI continues her activities without being bound to the frame from contemporary art to urban art.

1980 Born in Shizuoka Japan.

2001 Study abroad in L.A for 2 years.

2007 Graduated from Tokyo Asagaya Art College,School of

         Image Creation.

2011 Moved to London and started a career as an artist.

2013 Back to Japan and held a solo show in Tokyo .

2014 Awarded the Special Jury Prize from the University of the Arts

         London Vice President, Chris Wainwright at Tokyo Designers

         Week Art Fair.

2015 Exhibited at the international art fairs as ART FAIR TOKYO

         and KIAF.

2016 Moved to Netherlands.




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